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(Semi) DIY Divorce: Limited Scope Representation (part 1)

It is no secret that legal representation can be expensive. Inability to afford legal fees often leads people to attempt to represent themselves, sometimes with less-than-optimal results. In an attempt to assist clients who may not be able to afford full representation, but who would still benefit from some legal guidance, Kruse Family Law is proud to offer “limited scope representation,” also known as “unbundled services.”

In limited scope representation, the attorney and the client enter into an agreement where the attorney helps with specific tasks, while the client does the rest himself or herself. Courts encourage such limited scope representation because it allows people to get legal assistance to help protect their rights and better follow court procedure, while still saving money. Examples of services available include providing legal advice on one or more issues, drafting discovery, preparing pleadings, reviewing court documents, coaching clients who will be representing themselves, or appearing on behalf of the client at a mediation or hearing.

Of course, everyone has the right to represent themselves in family law matters, and many people do just that. Problems may arise, however, when you don’t understand what is or is not a realistic outcome or the nuances of the specific laws relevant to your case. When you cannot afford to hire a lawyer to represent you throughout your entire case, limited scope representation is a way for you to get legal assistance when you really need it, while still keeping costs down.

In my next post, I will discuss how to determine whether limited scope representation is right for you. To consult about your case, call Kruse Family Law at 612-231-9865 or email

Hefty legal fees can be a barrier to justice; limited scope representation and unbundled services help break down those barriers.

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