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Focusing On The Kids: Minnesota Courts Issue New Parenting-Time Guide

Parenting-time during and after divorce is often a cause of concern and contention between parents. Determining an appropriate parenting-time division can be one of the biggest drivers of conflict between parties as they attempt to navigate a dissolution of their marriage.

The Minnesota Courts initially published a guide to assist families in making "child-focused" parenting-time decisions in 1999. This guide has now been updated to reflect the more child-centered statutory factors regarding custody and parenting time that went into effect several years ago. A copy of the updated guide can be downloaded from the Minnesota Courts website.

The new "Child-Focused Parenting Time Guide" is a valuable resource for parents, attorneys, and judges who are trying to come up with a workable parenting-time schedule that concentrates on the best interests of the children. The guide concentrates on developmental considerations and what parents can do to support their children at various ages as they attempt to formulate a schedule, and is a valuable resource for parents going through divorce.

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child at Minnesota Children's Museum.
An appropriate child-focused parenting time schedule varies depending upon the age of the child

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