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How Much Does A Divorce Cost in Minnesota?

The cost of a divorce varies greatly.  Each party will generally be required to pay:


 * A filing fee.  This varies by county, but is typically around $400.

 * Attorney fees (if represented).  

 * Other costs, such as expert witness fees.


Attorney fees can vary from a couple thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, depending upon the issues involved, the complexity of the case, and the ability of the parties to come to agreement.  At Kruse Family Law, we offer both traditional "full-service" representation, which requires a retainer fee and is billed hourly, and "limited-scope" representation, in which the client pays a flat fee for performance of specific services.  The latter option offers a way to save money, but does require that the client be willing and able to handle the remaining elements of the case on his or her own

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