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How Do I Change My Child's Name In Minnesota?

Minnesota law requires that any name change for child be in his or her best interests and that both parents have notice of the pending application of change of name.

In addition, the following requirements must be met:

    1.     The “applicant” (the person requesting the name change on the child’s behalf) must file in the county where the child lives;

    2.     The child must have lived in the State of Minnesota for at least six months and the applicant must:

        a.     Be at least 18 years of age to proceed on behalf of the child;  AND

        b.     Be the minor's parent, guardian, or next of kin;

    3.     The child must be present at the hearing

    4.     The applicant must pay the civil filing fee.

    5.     At the hearing the applicant must bring two adult witnesses who have known the child for one year or longer.  If both parents come to the hearing (AND BOTH SUPPORT THE NAME CHANGE), you only need to bring one other witness.  Your witnesses may be relatives.

    6.     If the child owns a home or other real estate, you need to have the legal description when you file your documents..  

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