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Limited Scope Representation

As part of Kruse Family Law's commitment to providing access to justice, we offer "limited scope representation."  This allows you to pay for selected specific "unbundled" services , rather than retaining the firm on a more traditional full-representation basis.  All unbundled services are offered for a flat fee, so you know up front how much it will cost.  We offer the following services on an unbundled basis:

  * Case evaluation and exploration of options.

  * Legal advice (in person, via telephone, or by email).

  * Guidance regarding filing and service of documents.

  * Review of pleadings and other documents prepared by clients.

  * Drafting of pleadings, motion papers, and other documents.

  * Factual investigation.

  * Legal research and analysis.

  * Conducting discovery (interrogatories and document requests).

  * Reviewing discovery.

  * Taking and defending depositions.

  * Planning for negotiations.

  * Planning for court appearances.

  * Representation at mediation sessions (half-day or whole-day).

  * Representation at specific court appearances (half-day or whole-day).

  * Counseling regarding an appeal.

  * Procedural assistance with appeal.

We also offer several flat-fee divorce "packages," which include a number of popular services.

It is important to note that limited scope representation is NOT for everyone.  Although you are able to have more control over your case and save money, selecting unbundled services also means that you will be responsible for all aspects of your case for which you are not represented, you will need to handle filing and service of all pleadings, and you will need to keep track of all court deadlines.  In other words, you need to be willing and able to handle certain aspects of your case on your own.

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